Ultrahigh-temperature generation using boron-doped diamond heater

Because the melting temperature of diamond is extremely high, which has not  been successfully measured so far, electrically boron-doped diamond (BDD), which is electrically conductive differently from pure diamond,  is expected to generate ultrahigh-temperatures. Ultrahigh-temperature generation using a BDD heater was developed by Okayama University to successfully generate temperatures to 4000 K (Fig. 1) [Xie et al., RSI 2017].

 We import this technology but have recognized that ultrahigh-temperature generation using this heating element requires high experimental skill. Therefore, we are currently making efforts so that the usual multi-anvil worker can generate such ultrahigh temperatures without extremely high experimental skill.


Fig. 1. Ultrahigh-temperature generation using BDD heaters at 15 GPa. The BDD with 3.0 wt.% of B can generate a temperature of 3700 C by electric power of 690 W (violet) From Xie et al. [RSI 2017].

Xie, L.J., Yoneda, A., Yoshino, T., Yamazaki, D., Tsujino, N., Higo, Y., Tange, Y., Irifune, T., Shimei, T., Ito, E., 2017. Synthesis of boron-doped diamond and its application as a heating material in a multi-anvil high-pressure apparatus. Rev. Sci. Instrum. 88, 093904.