Stripe-type BDD heater for routine MAP experiments


Although Xie et al. [2020] successfully generated temperatures to 2700 K using a cylindrical CVD-synthesized boron-doped diamond (BDD) heater in a multi-anvil press, sufficiently thick BDD plates (> 1 mm) are difficult to purchase commercially. Since commonly available BDD plates are up to 0.3 mm thick, we developed a furnace assembly with four BDD stripes for routine multi-anvil experiments. By this heater, we successfully generated temperatures close to 3000 K at a pressure of 15 GPa in a 10-mm assembly. We emphasize that the power-temperature relationships are highly reproducible, and it is beneficial for synchrotron in situ X-ray observation experiments because of the transparency for hard X-rays.

Optical microscope photos of the stripe-type BDD-furance multi-anvil assembly

A heating record by the stripe-type BDD heater.

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Accepted manuscript of Nishida et al. [2
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Nishida, K., Xie, L., Kim, E.J., Katsura, T., A strip-type  boron-doped diamond heater synthesized by chemical vapor deposition for large volume presses, Review of Scientific Instruments, in press.