Principle Investigator

Katsura, Tomoo

  • Development of experimental technology
  • High-pressure experiments


Frost, Daniel

  • Thermodynamic modelling

Golabek, Gregor

  • Geodynamic modelling

McCammon, Catherine

  • Moessbauer spectroscopy

Miyajima, Nobuyoshi

  • TEM observation

Post-Doctoral Researchers

Bhat, Shrikant

  •  Development of the LVP beam line at DESY

Chanyshev, Artem


Fei, Hongzhan

  • Development of a press-cooling system
  • Phase relations
    • SiO2-undersaturated Fe3+-bearing systems
  • Element diffusivity

Ishii, Takayuki

  • Development of high-pressure generation using carbide anvils
  • Phase relations
  • Crystal chemistry

Liu, Zhaodong

  • Development of high-pressure generation using sintered-diamond anvils
  • Phase relations
    • MgO-Al2O3-SiO2 systems
  • Element diffusivity

Nishida, Keisuke


Xie, Longjian

  • Development of ultrahigh-pressure and ultrahigh-temperature generation

graduate students

Bondar, Dmitry

  • Development of a cooling system

Druzhbin, Dmitry

  • Measurement of Si self-diffusion coefficient in wadsleyite

Wang, Lin

  • Phase relations of bridgmanite, CF-phase and corundum in the MgO-Al2O3-SiO2 system

Past contributors

Wang, Biao

  • Phase relations
    • SiO2-saturated Fe3+-bearing systems