Session 8 Facility

Wilson Crichton (ESRF)
The ID06LVP beamline at the ESRF

Nicolas Guignot (PSICHE beamline, Synchrotr. SOLEIL), Andrew King, Laura Henry, Jean-Pierre Deslandes & Jean- Paul Itié
Latest technical developments for high pressure science using the multianvil press of the PSICHE beamline, Synchrotron SOLEIL

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    N. Guignot (Thursday, 23 September 2021 17:37)

    It's a french company, following a design done at the Institut Néel (CNRS, Grenoble). We wanted a very compact and light design (the press weight is 2.5 ton, 3 ton with the DIA module) and Voggenreiter had and probably still has nothing in that range. I can provide more details by email if you're interested.

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    Tomoo Katsura (Thursday, 23 September 2021 16:18)

    What company produced the 1200-ton press? It does not look Voggenreiter product.

Robert Farla (DESY), Shrikant Bhat, Stefan Sonntag, Artem Chanyshev, Shuailing Ma, Christian Lathe, Kristina Spektor, Adrien Neri & Tomoo Katsura
Status and development of the Large Volume Press beamline P61B at PETRA III, DESY