Session 3 Geophysics

Tomoo Katsura (BGI, U. Bayreuth), Lin Wang, Artem Chanyshev, Stephan Blaha, Nobuyoshi Miyajima, Takaaki Kawazoe
Determination of the H2O-content dependence on the dislocation mobility in olivine by means of the dislocation recovery technique

Damien Freitas (Lab. Magmas & Volcans, U. Clermont Auvergne/U. Edinburgh), Julien Monteux, Denis Andrault, Geeth Manthilake, Antoine Mathieu, Federica Schiavi & Nicolas Cluzel
Thermal conductivities measurements of solid and molten silicates in Multi-Anvil Apparatus (Angstrom method): Implications for dynamos in mercury-like proto-planets

Simon Hunt (Dep. Materials, U. Manchester), James Santangeli & David Dobson
Microseismicity and acoustic emissions during pyroxene—ilmenite transformation in MgGeO3

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Zhicheng Jing (Dep. Earth & Space Scien., South. U. Scien. & Technol.), Man Xu, Julien Chantel, Tony Yu & Yanbin Wang
Multi-anvil techniques for density and sound velocity measurements of melts

Fang Xu (Earth Scien., U. College London), Guillaume Morard, Nicolas Guignot, Attilio Rivoldin, Geeth Manthilake, Julien Chantel, Longjian Xie, Akira Yoneda, Andrew King, Eglantine Boulard, Silvia Pandolfi, Frederick J. Ryerson & Daniele Antonangeli
Thermal expansion of liquid Fe-S alloy at high pressure

George Amulele (Earth, Eniron. & Planet. Scien., Case West. Reserve U.) & James Van Orman
The Electrical Conductivity of Ilmenite and its Implications for Lunar Mantle Structure