Session 11 Geochemistry

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Yuri Palyanov (Lab. Experiment. Mineralogy & Crystallogenesis, RAS Siberian Branch)
Split-Sphere Multi-Anvil High-Pressure Apparatus (BARS) for Diamond Synthesis and Experimental Modeling of Diamond Genesis

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Anna Spivak (Lab. Of the Mantle, Inst. Exp. Mineralogy RAS), Yuriy Litvin, Egor Zakharchenko & Leonid Dubrovinsky
Evolution of the lower mantle ultrabasic-basic magmas and diamond-forming melts (multianvil experiments at 24-26 GPa)

Dmitry Bondar (BGI, U. Bayreuth), Anthony C. Withers, Hongzhan Fei, Danilo Di Genova, Michael Wiedenbeck, Hélène Bureau & Tomoo Katsura
First synthesis of high-pressure hydrous peridotite glasses and their properties

Monika Koch-Müller (Dep. Geochemistry, GFZ), Oona Appelt, Bernd Wunder & Richard Wirth
New insights in the mechanism of the reaction 3.65 Å-phase = clinoenstatite + water down to nanoscales

Hongzhan Fei (BGI, U. Bayreuth)
Water content in hydrous silicate melt at the topmost lower mantle conditions