Session 1 Geophysics

Takashi Yoshino (Inst. Planet. Materials, Okayama U.), Liu Chao
Effect of water on seismic attenuation of the upper mantle: the origin of the sharp lithosphere–asthenosphere boundary

Junfeng Zhang (State Key Lab. Geolog. Proces. & Mineral Proces., China U. Geoscien.), Wenlong Liu & Zhenmin Jin
Dehydration fabrics of antigorite at high pressure and high temperature: implications for trench parallel seismic anisotropy at convergent plate boundaries

Nao Cai (College Earth & Planetary Scien., U. CAS), Baosheng Li
Enhanced seismic visibility of subduction slabs by the formation of dense hydrous silicates

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Zhicheng Jing (Dep. Earth & Space Scien., South. U. Scien. & Technol.), Man Xu, Julien Chantel, Tony Yu & Yanbin Wang
Multi-anvil techniques for density and sound velocity measurements of melts

Florian T.S. Hua, Jennifer Kung (Dep. Earth Scien., National Cheng Kung U.) & Przemyslaw Dera
Compressional Behavior of Hydrous Orthoenstatite

Jiawei Zhang, Siheng Wang, Sibo Chen, Baosheng Li & Qiong Liu (School Earth & Space Scien., Peking U.)
Sound velocities of clinohumite at high pressure and implications for seismic velocities of subducted slab in the upper mantle